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Planning & Marketing

Planning & Marketing Department:-

Planning Department is in existance from the beginning but Marketing department is came into existance  w.e.f. 04.12.2013 and attached with the Planning Department.

Officers and Employees:-

Planning and marketing Department is headed by General manger. Chief Personnel Officer class-I, Planning Officer class-I and Asst. Personnel Officer class-II these three Officers are sanctioned to look after the working of Planning Department and 8 other employees assist the Officers. And 1 Officerand 2 other employees are sanctioned  to look after the working of Marketing Department.

Deptt. Planning & Marketing Department
Branch Planning Marketing
Object Structure and Methods of the Corporation. Framing of schemes to increase revenue of the Corporation.
Functions - Inspection of Various Units.

- Proposals for establishment of new Regional and Divisional office.

- Proposals for restructuring of the Organizational set up of the Corporation.

- Proposal for decentralization.

- Proposals for delegation of powers.

- Action on Recommendations made by the committee appointed by State Government if any

- Fixation of Targets for important parameters of Traffic and Mechanical Engineering Department.

- Review of operational parameters with reference to the targets and actual achieved.

- Preparation of plan for Disaster Management during monsoon period

- Permission to students for collection of data for Ph.D. study from Corporation.
- Advertisement of concessional schemes, various services and facilities offered by the Corporation to passengers at various places like Govt./Pvt. offices, market places, Educational/professional institutions, IT hubs, Grampanchayats, Hospitals etc through S.T. employees.

- Introduction of various schemes to increase the revenue of the Corporation.

- To frame the Policy for increase in revenue of casual contract by offering maximum no. of buses to various industries, institutes, Private Offices, Resorts and for tour packages etc.

- Marketing of the MSRTC Services through Digital/Electronic media like Audio, video system. attractive colouring of buses, creation of brand, logo, tag line etc. by appointing professional consultant

Planning Marketing Department Circular :-

Planning Marketing Department Circulars
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